There has been a noticeable rise in the amount of men wearing Lululemon these days…and for good reason. No matter what your perception of the brand is, LLL makes high quality performance activewear with impeccable fit and style.

They also deliver different collections based on your fitness preference, like yoga, weightlifting, running, golf, etc.

And as of late they’ve made a big push into casualwear for those moments outside of the gym. So if you haven’t yet tried the “yoga” brand out of Vancouver, do yourself a favor and try out their newest collection.

Labeled the ABC Collection (Anti-Ball Crushing), the line is spearheaded by the ABC Pant, which is available in regular, slim, tall, and a jogger. It’s the perfect casual pant, constructed of a four-way stretch fabric that wicks sweat and moves with you. Lululemon had this to say about their latest drop.

Unapologetic. Uncensored. Themselves. Here’s to the men who are true to who they are. Introducing a collection as versatile as the men it was designed for. The ABC Pant, ABC Pant Slim, and ABC Jogger were crafted with performance in mind, and a minimalist design, so you can be you.  

This one’s for the guys out there who aren’t afraid to go against the grain, be themselves, push aside the expectations of others, and get after it.

Lululemon ABC Pants

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