NIKELAB is the division of Nike that has gained a cult like following due to its progressive designs, materials, and aesthetics. Its price point is typically higher than other Nike collections, and products often sell out in the blink of an eye. NIKELAB products are also some of the most advanced, not only of the Nike collections, but in activewear in general. The R&D team cuts no corners and isn’t afraid to commit the resources to exploring the latest frontier of sportswear.

Last week they released their latest creation, the NIKE A.A.E. 1.0 T-shirt, one of the most advanced t-shirts ever released. When you are creating some of the most cutting edge apparel certain limitations may hold you back, such as seams, fabrics, and technology. To overcome these roadblocks NIKE has dipped into their deep archive of digital data relating to human movement to create a “motion-led knitt pattern”. Through advanced computer modeling they were able to create a seamless t-shirt pattern to optimize movement, temperature flow, and sweat collection.

The NikeLab NIKE A.A.E. 1.0 T-shirt employs computational design to merge a series of body maps and form a motion-led knit pattern, fundamentally shifting the conventional process used to make a typical T-shirt.

Specifically, motion maps were considered alongside how the body reacts in different environments. Special focus was placed on modern urban environments, from the subway and the street to the office and the club, and the massive temperature and humidity fluctuations that occur in these various places. This examination provided additional digital body maps, the first with explicit lifestyle parameters, including a cling map, airflow map, sweat map and heat map.

The NikeLab Nike A.A.E. 1.0 collection launches September 14 and will include nine pieces, from base layer to mid layer to outerwear, that will solve many of the current issues faced by modern activewear.

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