Crossover, or hybrid, apparel has been on the rise the past few years and for good reason. Fitness has become part of our daily lives. Just like going to school, work, or the grocery store is part of our routine, as is going to the gym, trail, or track. That’s why brands like Vuori are creating apparel that looks like everyday casual wear but features the performance benefits of highly functional gym or activewear.

Vuori specifically creates a Southern California beach aesthetic with its design, appealing to surfers, beach goers, and outdoorsmen who make fitness and training a priority. We were lucky enough to snag a pair of both of the brand’s performance shorts and performance t-shirt for review. If you’ve tried this brand, let us know if you had the same positive feedback as us in the comments below.

Vuori Banks Short Review

This was Vuori’s flagship performance short which still receives a lot of well-deserved attention. It looks like a pair of swim trunks and can easily be worn as such if need be. The Banks Short has the fast drying features of a bathing suit with the two-way stretch of performance wear.

An elastic waistband with draw cord keep the shorts securely at your waist with a comfortable, yet customizable fit. Rounded side slits at the leg provide the swim trunk look while allowing for increased range of motion. This short is cut a bit closer to the leg and sits above the knee. It also features a small zipper pocket at the front hip for secure storage of small items.

Overall, the Banks Short ranks as acceptable for training, however the narrowness of the leg holes make it more of an outdoor/beach short as opposed to a superior gym short. Available in various prints and designs, this would quickly become a favorite for any surfer or outdoorsman who trains outdoors or on the beach. We like the versatility of this short, however it became more of a casualwear piece for us as opposed to a go-to training option.

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  • Acceptable training short, however not our first choice in the Vuori line.
  • Quick-drying features, two-way stretch, and elastic waistband with drawstring.
  • Easy to wear, however a bit narrow on the legs.
  • Shorter design which will sit above the knee for taller guys.
  • May ride up on bulkier thighs.
  • Appealing patterns and design with beachy / SoCal aesthetic.
  • Simple swim trunk inspired design, not overly complicated short.
  • At $68/pair these shorts are in line with competing products. Good value for outdoor fitness enthusiast or beachgoer who wants crossover abilities from a performance short.
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Vuori Kore Short Review

We were skeptical about the Kore Shorts at first due to their internal liner. For some, this is a make-or-break feature. Some guys love the liner, some don’t.  After reviewing a few shorts with uncomfortable lines we became part of the latter group. The Kore Short, however, completely turned it around for us. The internal liner is one of the most comfortable we’ve felt, like wearing a pair of your favorite, roomy boxer briefs. This short is meant to be worn without underwear.

In our opinion this is the superior training short of the two. The material has more stretch, has a better drape, and a more generous cut for ease of movement and mobility. The material also feels softer than the Banks short. With various SoCal inspired designs, the Kore Short can also be worn as a hybrid short, however, it’s a great option for training and working out.

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  • Excellent training short and our first choice from the Vuori collection.
  • Quick-drying features, four-way stretch, and elastic waistband with drawstring.
  • Extremely comfortable internal liner and soft external material.
  • Great fitting cut for freedom of movement.
  • Shorter cut that will sit at or above the knee on most.
  • Won’t ride up on hips or thighs.
  • Simple athletic short design with nice beach inspired patterns / designs.
  • At $68/pair these shorts are a great value comparable with other competing brands.
  • Unparalleled comfort makes these an excellent choice for working out or an active day outside.
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Vuori Tradewind Performance Shirt Review

The first thing that we noticed bout the Vuori Tradewind shirt was how comfortable the material was. The fabric is lightweight and soft. This shirt reminds us, in terms of fit and feel, to Lululemon’s staple Metal Tech shirt. The Tradewind shirt, however, features a chest pocket to give it that casualwear look, and makes it acceptable to wear in and out of the gym. The fit is a flattering athletic cut that will accentuate your hard work without being too form-fitting. The color offerings are neutral tones of gray, blue, green, and red.

Overall, this is very comfortable and subtle activewear shirt that can be worn to the gym or on any casual day. With ample stretch in the shoulder and armpits and very quick-drying and anti-stink qualities, the Tradewind shirt was quickly added to our training shirt rotation.

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  • Excellent training shirt that is fast drying with ample stretch and good ventilation.
  • Very comfortable material and cut.
  • No restrictions in movement and doesn’t ride up on waist or arms.
  • Simple design with added chest pocket for a classier look.
  • Neutral color options.
  • At $48 this shirt is a good value due to excellent comfort and performance qualities.
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