We’ve been keeping a close eye on Grand AC, the streetwear inspired activewear brand speared up by the founders of Five Four Apparel Club. The LA based Grand AC has released a continual drip of on-trend activewear that features all of the best qualities you’d expect from top performing sportswear. What sets them apart, however, is their keen understanding of modern young men’s style, and their ability to provide it at an affordable price.

Nowadays it’s easy to find athletic shorts in the high $60 to low $80 range, depending on brand name. Grand AC makes shorts available from $32 to $36. Tees? $18 to $28. And the rest of the collection is priced accordingly. It’s hard to find comparable style for this price point, especially when this apparel can easily double at casual wear.

Check out the latest from the Grand Athletic Club below.

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