We were all taken by surprise when Undefeated posted this morning about the release of their new Brazilian Jiu Jitsu kimono collaboration with Dual Forces. The $350 gi is available now at undefeated.com and features true woodland camo print, milspec fabric, and a small carrying bag. This release will surely sell out fast, and is a true collectors item for the hardcore street style Jiu Jitsu heads.

With the gi also released five collaborative tees from Undefeated and Dual Forces. U.A.C.T.P (Undefeated Action Capabilities Training Program) labels are seen throughout the collection with a distinct military feel blended with a street aesthetic.

Check out the lookbook here. 

Undefeated x Dual Forces Jiu Jitsu Gi

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Undefeated X Dual Forces Apparel

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Check out the collab between Undefeated and Shoyoroll here.