Just last month, Virus Intl. released two new training shorts; the Velocity and Hex shorts. We noted their release in this post here, and were lucky enough to cop a pair of each for review soon after. We’re glad we reviewed these side-by-side because although they look similar, these are too very different shorts. We at Delta Grade know how important look is, but that’s just one of the criteria (design) that goes into our review process and a complete athletic short. Things like performance, comfort, and value are three other factors that are crucial to your buying decision and we’re here to help.

About the brand

Virus Intl. is a southern California based action sports performance brand that supplies fitness and training apparel for fringe sports like martial arts, functional fitness, Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting. They have a clean, sporty, and masculine aesthetic, and specialize in performance fabrics like compression wear and temperature regulating material. Visit their website at virusintl.com.

Virus Velocity Shorts

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Although the Velocity Shorts look more like a pair of swim trunks than training shorts, these are actually the better “gym” shorts of the two we reviewed. These shorts have a wider leg opening for freedom of movement, and they wont ride up or get caught up on your thighs.

They sit at or just above the knee and are made of a lightweight material that feels durable, almost like a lightweight windbreaker.

The open pockets at the sides are nice for easy access to your goods but don’t provide secure storage when running or working out.

The waistband is made of a cool jade material that is very comfortable but the very primitive internal drawstring system causes the waistband to fold over and scrunch up a bit. This is a minor aesthetic inconvenience for a secure, custom fit.

There is a Velcro pocket on the back for secure storage but only one cell phone or wallet will fit at a time.

Overall, this was our preferred short of the two for training, running, and chillin’.

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  • Excellent gym / training short that does not hinder movement.
  • Ample leg room and mobility for squats, jumping, running, etc.
  • Lightweight, yet durable material.
  • Loose fitting cut with no restrictions around hips or leg.
  • Drawstring allows for custom fit to your waistline.
  • Material lightweight but somewhat noisy like a windbreaker.
  • Good color choices with contrast seam binding options – black, navy, olive.
  • Asymmetrical pattern on left leg provides a unique design not always seen in training shorts.
  • Rounded bottom hems and side slits with piping provide the board short look.
  • At $60/pair the Velocity shorts are in line with competitors and maybe a bit cheaper.
  • Good deal for the active gym-goer who is looking for a lightweight short with a comfortable fit and bit of pop in the design.

Shop the Velocity Short here.

Virus Hex Training Shorts

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The Hex Training shorts are touted as being “engineered for outdoor use as well as training,” and in our opinion, these are much better suited for the water than in the gym. With a board short cut and material with hydrophobic properties, these shorts are essentially crossover board shorts that can also be worn for training.

The Hex Training shorts have a slim line design that became annoying while training because they ride up on your thighs while squatting, lunging, etc. and don’t naturally fall back down.

They sit at or slightly above the knee and are made of a slightly thinner and less stretchy material than the Velocity shorts.

There is one zipper pocket at the front side of the left leg for safe storage of your goods, however the zipper easily gets caught making it more annoying than it is functional.

The internal waistband contains a grip material to keep the shorts in place, however with the board short cut there is not much possibility of a custom fit to your waist. You have to buy them exactly at the right waist size (32, 34, 36 etc.) because they will not tighten much with the draw string. (We wear a 33 but had to buy the 34 and they sag a bit on the hips.)

Overall, we were not impressed with the Hex shorts, as cool as they look, we would not choose these as a core training short.

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  • Mediocre training short, more suitable for the beach or water activities.
  • Poor leg room and inferior mobility for training.
  • Lightweight material with hydrophobic properties for fast drying.
  • Comfortable to wear around but not preferred for working out.
  • Sits at hips with poor ability to adjust fit to waistline.
  • Clean design with nice, minimal detailing and graphics.
  • Basic design but available in three colors (red, olive, black).
  • At $64/pair slightly overpriced as a training short.
  • Would only consider if avid waterman or water sport enthusiast.

Shop the Hex Training Shorts here.